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Our mission is to provide a regional, multidisciplinary resource for those seeking a holistic approach to relief of pain and the restoration and maintenance of well being. We are passionate, caring and experienced practitioners, serving individuals of all ages to meet their health challenges. Our focus is on the spine and nerve system----since it only has one job.....EVERYTHING! We also utilize nutritional and rehabilitational methods to enhance the natural, inherent recuperative powers of the body. Visit our new clinic located in Marysville, WA serving Arlington, Stanwood, Lakewood, Camano Island and all surrounding communities.


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I have been coming here for months and I have seen both father and son and they are both so amazing! I had migraines that I had dealt with for YEARS and left me unable to continue to be a health and fitness coach. After seeing every specialist there was and getting test after test done, including a spinal tap, they fixed me. I had seen chiropractors before in the past but they did not even come close to the amount of care that Cascadia gives me. Also, Dr. Shea helped me with my weight loss because I couldn’t figure out why the weight I gained from the steroids I was given (treatment after the spinal tap) wouldn’t drop. I mean I was a health and fitness coach, I KNEW what I was doing, but nothing was changing! He brought to my attention gut health and how all the drugs I had been on over the years for my migraines and such had destroyed my good bacteria. So I followed his advice and after two months of eating healthy and working out I have lost 25 pounds so far! They gave me my life back! Now they are working on my 9 year old son and after one visit with them he already shows improvement! This place is amazing and I will never go anywhere else! Words cannot express how grateful I am.
— Jocelyn B.
This office is such a blessing! I had suffered a brain injury and had much trauma to my body as a child due to a childhood illness. I have worked with many chiropractors over the years and while they were helpful and I found relief, none of them brought me as far as this practice! When I first came 9 months ago after moving from the East, I had a lot of trouble walking and I was very weak. Along with multiple issues due to central nervous system damage. Since working with them I am able to walk much better, with better energy, and I don’t need my wheelchair except with long distance walking. Very caring environment! Very professional and not to mention very knowledgeable! I have brought my son, my brother and my husband also and they have had amazing results too. So grateful for this practice! Thanks!
— Iris S.
Dr. Breneman and Staff,
Just a little note to let you know... Thank-you for getting me back in shape again! Because of you my lifestyle has changed and most important my labor was so much easier on me this time I cant believe it! Keep up the good work and your sincere caring for people. You are a great team!
— Victoria M.
I came to Dr. Breneman looking for relief from continual headaches. They had been increasing from a headache once in a while until I was having them everyday and needing 4 to 6 aspirin every day. After a few treatments my headaches have almost disappeared!
— Mary G. - La Conner
For many years I had suffered with back ache and a neck ache which was continually getting worse. Coming to Dr. Breneman’s clinic- I’ve received treatment which has relieved the terrific pain- and I feel like a whole person again.
— Ragna O.
I am very pleased with the results of Melissa, my 2 year old daughter. Before I started bringing her into you she had a colon problem and Doctors at Children’s Hospital in Seattle wanted to do two more surgeries on her. She has already had a colostomy and had that rerouted but that didn’t solve her problems. Melissa was on one suppository, bisocoydle tablets and bisocoydle enemas that went 12-14 inches into her colon. She hasn’t had any of those for 3 months now and her colon is functioning perfectly. I would recommend any parent with children to have you look at them and check their backs! Thanks to you Melissa lives a normal life.
— Ruth H.
Living in the 3rd age brought me untold aches and pains, but none so bad I couldn’t live with until one day I fell backwards into a hole. The pain was so bad I knew then I had to do something about it. I’m not a believer in pain pills as they only cover up the problem and don’t cure it so I decided to go to a chiropractor. How glad I did the right thing, in 3 weeks I was out of pain and beginning to be the active person I once was. Over the years I’ve had several children in for chiropractic treatments as well as my husband and saw the wonders they have performed. Now I am among the firm believers that the body can heal itself if given the release of pressure upon it like our chiropractors are doing today.
— Elaine S.